One of a Kind, 3-Tier Consulting Program

After years of professional speaking/training and working with investors, I realized that group "coaching" by a webinar simply wasn't enough for "students" to achieve the results they were looking for. Neither was the occasional "mastermind". In fact, the whole dynamic of "coach" and "student" didn't work.

I don't have students, I have investor clients. I am not a coach but a professional consultant. That is an entirely different relationship and one that, when delivered properly, achieves desired results.

So I created a 3-level consulting program for educated note investors. The results have been dramatic. Investors who were struggling have now accomplished what they were looking for while others have purchased more investments with confidence as they know that they had a second pair of eyes reviewing their potential deal before they invested.

In the short video below, I lay out the 3-levels and how they work for you.

-Please understand this is not a program that replaces education (see my Real Estate Without Renters Course for that) rather it is specifically designed to deliver outstanding consulting services to note investors.

-For reasons explained in the video below, space is at the inaugural price of only $75 per month with a one time sign up fee of $395. Why so inexpensive? Simple, the price will go up but for now, at some point I will ask you for a testimonial. There is no obligation for a testimonial but I know you will gladly give me one after getting what you are looking for.

-In the video I will mention, very briefly, the Real Estate Without Renters Education package but again, if you are a qualified investor who has education, you can purchase this consulting only program

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1-on-1 Consulting Personally with Kevin via ZOOM

These sessions are all about you and what you want to accomplish. This level of support is a game changer. You and Kevin spend up to an hour:

  • Reviewing deals
  • Going through due diligence
  • Troubleshooting
  • Creative solutions
  • Strategizing
  • Coming up with a game plan
  • Whatever YOU want to focus on!

You schedule it by picking a date and time using Kevin's "Calendly" link.

Email Support

Sometimes you need quick answers ! This support level is meant just for that and its even available on weekends.

Group Consulting Webinar

To accelerate results, one learns from a professional consultant but also through the experience of other people.

As Explained in the Video, This is a Limited Opportunity

Yes, I could (and should) be charging a lot more for this program and I can only provide this level of support to a limited amount of people but as I said in the video, I am not looking to be the biggest, just the best. Let's get results together.

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