“The lazy way to make money in real estate.”

—US Real Estate Journal

The Complete Real Estate Without Renters Education and Consulting Program

An Easier Way To Invest

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A 3-Part Educational Program Combined with a 3-Tiered Consulting Program

Perfected over 30 years


Comprised of 15 videos, this series covers everything from the fundamentals to advanced real estate note techniques.

Kevin's unique approach makes the information easy to follow, replicate and apply. His teaching methodology has produced numerous of the top investors in the business.

Just like his LIVE training events, he will have you sitting at the edge of your seat wanting to hear more. Unlike attendees of his LIVE events, you will be able to stop, start and rewind!

Written description of each video here


This 3-part video series has you "looking over Kevin's shoulder" as he registers with a note seller, researches a deal, makes an offer and interacts with the note seller.  You will see all interactions and contracts.

This series will take the conceptual idea of finding and buying a deal into reality. 

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced this series is sure to make you much more comfortable and confident going into your first or next transaction.

Due Diligence and Exit Strategies Master Class

This newest series is a 6-part video series goes very deep into the due diligence process and then takes a deal through numerous exit strategies.  Everything is here for you to truly master these aspects of the business. 

You will see all the research sites, hear the thought process and see all of the numbers.

Since this series just came out, once completed, you will know more than 90% of all the note investors in the industry. 


After ten years of teaching more note investors than anyone on the industry, Kevin has designed the support system to enable investors to get results.

1. Email support everyday

2. Weekly webinars

3. Personal 1-on-1 sessions with Kevin

Nobody else  in the industry offers this level of support and since it involves 1-on-1 sessions with Kevin himself, it will be limited at some point.

Real Estate Without Renters Core Program

In the video below Kevin explains the core program


How would you like the rewards of real estate without the risk of renters?

Your options have evolved because the world of real estate is changing.

 No longer does a real estate investor need to rely on the complicated process of buying at a discount, renovating, and selling it for a profit. Now, more than ever, you can build a profitable portfolio of properties without it becoming a logistical nightmare. New technology, rules, and regulations have the changed the way things are done.

Our course will give you the knowledge and tools to become the “complete investor” in today’s market. By applying the techniques in this course, you will learn how to…


With our course, you can truly learn what it means to be the bank and have all the same advantages. Sounds too good to be true? There’s even real-life case studies of deals executed profitably with Kevin and his strategic partners.


Want The Knowledge and Tools To Become The "Complete Investor"

In the videos below, Kevin will explain more

Note Investing A to Z

In the video below Kevin explains the importance of Note Investing A to Z


About Kevin Shortle

Kevin Shortle has trained thousands of real estate investors and created multiple courses for “real estate experts”. His expertise that others have paid tens of thousands of dollars for is now yours in this course!

With over 25 years of hands-on experience as an investor, national instructor, coach and author, Kevin excels at simplifying real estate and small business strategies. Through real world examples and experiences, he will have you on the edge of your seat and eager for more. In addition, Kevin’s diverse background allows him to easily switch topics in a logical and progressive manner that will increase your understanding and your retention.

Kevin began his real estate career in 1985 as a commercial real estate appraiser. That strong foundation of understanding of how to value property would be a key asset as he advanced into writing for a real estate development magazine, starting his own real estate brokerage, and investing fulltime. Through the use of partners and mentors, he is involved in both the real property side and the “paper” side of real estate investing.
Kevin has purchased, renovated, and resold hundreds of properties. Most of these properties were purchased without having to use any of his own money. With a special strength in buying government owned properties, Kevin also helped non-profit companies earn money.
Kevin has been involved in tens of millions of dollars in private mortgage and note sales. Furthermore, he set up and managed a real estate syndication that provided private loans to real estate investors.
He has consulted with and created numerous training courses and classes for some of the largest and best-known real estate and real estate investment companies. His courses and trainings are multi-million-dollar sellers. With this experience, the nation’s premier rehab lender hired him as a consultant.
Today he owns and operates ProSpeak Productions, LLC, The Kevin Shortle Show podcast, and teaches Note Training classes nationwide. His new 20-hour online course and consulting services enables investors to learn and purchase assets around whatever schedule works for them.
He was recently awarded the 2019 Note Educator of the Year at the NoteWorthy Investor Summit.

Due Diligence and Exit Strategies Master Class

In the video below Kevin explains why this video series is second to none


The 3-Tier Consulting

In this video, Kevin explains why he created the 3-tier approach, why its works better than anything offered anywhere


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For obvious reasons, at some point Kevin will have to stop the number of new participants in the 1-on-1 consulting sessions. Joining now, locks in your spot.

Why Kevin Does What He Does

In this video, Kevin shares why he continues educate and consultant note and real estate investors


Be a part of this now

For obvious reasons, at some point Kevin will have to stop the number of new participants in the 1-on-1 consulting sessions. Joining now, locks in your spot.

"Kevin is one of my favorite speakers on note investing — he is so easy to listen to, and has such a great way of presenting knowledge; his shocking and endlessly entertaining anecdotes and real life examples will ensure that you remember the material long after the class is taught. He’s down-to-earth, approachable, patient, passionate about the topic, and last but not least, he puts real care into making sure his event attendees and students understand all the research, deal structures, strategies, ideas, and concepts that he teaches."

Chi Nguyen

"Kevin is a great speaker and educator and an excellent source of knowledge and information in Real Estate and investing in Paper. I have attended several speaking engagements featuring Kevin and have always walked away with a huge appreciation for his knowledge and his devotion to research. His thorough exploration of the current market and most notably it's likely trends in the near future has provided many of us with the information needed to make wise decisions in our own business."

Chris Helland
Entrepreneur and Note Investor, Scottsdale, AZ

"I first met Kevin six years ago when he was the lead instructor for The Note School. I attended the 3-day class on Non-Performing notes and the 3-day class on Performing Notes that he taught. Over the years I have attended numerous other training classes and to this date Kevin is the best teacher and educator in the business. What I learned from him gave me the foundation to launch two successful companies in the note business. Kevin is far more than a good teacher. He cares that his students learn and is one of the good guys in the Note business. I was very glad to hear that he left the Note School and is now on his own. I look forward to doing business with Kevin in the future."

Tom Chase

"I had the pleasure of attending Kevin Shortle’s Note summit in San Diego April 26th to April 28TH. Although I claim to be a seasoned note investor for many years, after attending Kevin’s Summit, I realized what I did not know and picked up on more nuggets than my notebook could hold. I have known Kevin for about 5 years and have attended several events Kevin has taught at over the years. Kevin has a knack to adapt to investors according to their experience and presents his topics to insure his audience fully understands. Kevin is by far the best teacher of his industry I have ever met. Kevin’s style not only educates you in all phases of the note industry, but he also energizes you with his style. Kevin has put together a tremendous training program that both novices and seasoned investors will get all they need to be successful with his wealth of knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be successful in the note business. With Kevin’s mentorship and experience, that is with him personally, anyone that wants to do business in the note industry should work with Kevin."

John Philippi

"I thought I knew a good bit about notes, after doing 1st, 2nd, wraps, NPL, hard money, etc., in my past, but Kevin kept handing out new nuts & bolts, practical, tips and techniques that I will put to use immediately. I would highly recommend his training opportunities."

Ed in Tampa Bay

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