Educational studies tell you that in order to apply something newly learned, one must be able to retain about 65% of the new information.

When it comes to teaching and training, I have a unique style that combines real estate and note expertise with well researched educational techniques that will amplify your understanding and retention. That is why my complete Real Estate Without Renters 20 Hour Course is a “must have” course that will yield great results for the novice through advanced investor.

I created this program from the ground up. I created all new slides and used an entirely new layout that enables the viewer to watch from start to finish or to jump ahead to particular topics. I spent over 25 hours recording in studio to create the complete course. It is 100% content that is 100% applicable in the market today and into the foreseeable future.

You can complete the course over an intensive weekend or pace it out according to your own schedule. Either way, the course is laid out so that you can pick it up at any point and not miss a step. It is the most complete program on the market.

People have paid thousand and even tens of thousands to learn and be coached by me. This program gets as close to having me sitting right with you as it possibly can get. In fact, I have had people tell me that it was like I was in the room teaching. Enjoy this program by purchasing it now and applying what you learn.

Here’s what you get with each video:

Video 1 Introduction –
So that you can maximize your results, this video will: give you an outline of how the entire class works, why notes make a tremendous investment, where the inventory is and how you can outsource practically everything.

Video 2 Overview –
This video will be very beneficial for both the active or passive oriented investor. It will outline the three major sources of inventory as well as how that inventory is priced.

Video 3 Performing Notes Part 1 –
This video is part one of a two-part series on performing notes. It will not only detail the inventory sources but also how to do the proper due diligence before you purchase an asset.

Video 4 Performing Notes Part 2 –
This video picks up where part 1 left off: proper due diligence. When mastered, this due diligence will prevent you from making a bad investment decision. Although not required, we recommend that you have a financial calculator or app as you go through this.

Video 5 Performing Notes Case Study Type Examples –
This video will bring all of the performing note concepts into life. All of the 5 potential outcomes to performing notes will be covered by using graphics, charts and spreadsheets.

Video 6 Non Performing Notes Part 1 –
This part 1 of 2 video details out the inventory for non-performing, loans, the massive opportunity and all of the due diligence involved in making an investment decision.

Video 7 Non Performing Notes Part 2 –
Part 2 picks right up where the NPL part video left off. This one will explain the differences in lien priorities, proper documentation, property acquisitions and foreclosure laws. This information is essential for non-performing note investors.

Video 8 Non Performing Notes Case Study Types –
The focus on this video is the exit strategies for non-performing notes. All of these exit strategies will be taught using realistic examples in a story telling format using pictures, numbers and moving graphics. This will bring the concepts to life.

Video 9 Seller Financed Notes Part 1 –
The video will show you the resurging opportunity in seller-financed notes. Using our unique approach, we will show you all of the details in both buying and brokering these notes. The opportunity in this segment hasn’t been this big in over 25 years.

Video 10 Seller Financed Notes Part 2 –
Using advanced techniques will enable you to ramp up your returns even higher. Using charts, spreadsheets and graphics, watch us take an average deal and turn it into something amazing.

Video 11 USA Ownership and Loans –
Although this was originally designed for investors who reside outside of the USA, we recommend it for everyone! It will give you a great overview of how property ownership, note and security agreements and our secondary markets work. Most people in the USA don’t even know this information. Knowing it will give you a big advantage.

Video 12 Advanced Techniques Partials and BK Part 1 –
The advanced leveraging techniques detailed in this video will expose you to incredibly power ways to dramatically maximize returns and lower risk. These techniques will separate you from other investor as you will see opportunities where others don’t and you will know how to structure deal for amazing returns.

Video 13 Advanced Techniques Partials and BK Part 2 –
Picking up where part 1 left off, this video will have you running toward deals that others are running from. Why? Because they do not possess this specialized knowledge.

Video 14 Calculators and Spreadsheets –
To truly master these investment opportunities, you must know the numbers. This easy-to-follow-along video will have you easily using the financial calculators and spreadsheets in no time.

Video 15 HHF and State Attorney Program –
Want to learn how to make large sums of money while helping people? This video will show you how you can be paid tens of thousands of dollars and even years of monthly payments by educating yourself and borrowers about these special government programs.


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